Hop and Catch

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Curly was shouting jubilantly.

Sweety could not catch her.

The two friends were playing hop and catch.

Sweety gave up after some time.

“Oh I am too tired” she said.

She sat on the grass.

 “Wonder what Willy is doing” Sweety told Curly.

Sweety’s brother Willy was inside Rabbit house.

He was talking to Charlie, Curly’s brother.

“They must be planning something” Curly guessed.

“Must be” Sweety too agreed.

“Too bad that we are not included” she added.

After some time the two boys came out.

They both looked very happy.

“What did you plan this time” asked Sweety.

“That’s a secret” Charlie said sporting a sly smile.

The two girls became curious.

“Oh Charlie please tell us” Curly pleaded.

“Please do” Sweety too begged.

Charlie and Willy looked at each other.

“We are going on a hike” Charlie said.

“We too are joining” Curly and Sweety both responded.

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