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Kitty is angry.

Tara has started petting Milky.

Milky is the neighbour’s cat.

It’s all white.

It looks like a fur ball.

Kitty has brown patches on its white body.

Milky often walks along their parapet wall.

Kitty knows it’s his territory.

He does not like other cats getting on to wall.

Tara pets Milky when Kitty is not around.

She knows that Kitty is jealous of him.

One day Tara saw Milky having a nap on the parapet wall.

“Hello Milky, how are you”? Tara asked loudly.

“Meow” Milky replied.

Suddenly Kitty jumped on to wall from somewhere.

It started chasing Milky with the speed of a rocket.

Kitty returned only after chasing Milky out of the garden.

Tara was horrified by what had happened.

However she felt sorry for Kitty too.

 “How are you Kitty?” Tara asked stroking its head.

“Meow” Kitty replied loudly.

“Ok hereafter I will pet only you” she promised.


Why was Kitty angry?

What made Tara horrified?

What did Tara promise Kitty?

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