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The ducklings stopped talking.

Willy jumped down from the tree.

“There are some berry baskets behind the shrubbery” he said.

“I suppose they belong to you” he added with a grin.

“You are supposed to deliver them to someone” Willy continued.

The duckling stared at Willy.

They looked frightened.

Charlie and Chubby hurried towards the shrubbery.

They saw the baskets lying on the ground.

Chubby remembered something.

His mama was to bake cake that day.

She said Mama Duck was to send some berries.

“The berries are for my Mama” Chubby said loudly.

“You are supposed to deliver them to her” he told the ducklings.

“What are you doing in the pool then?” Charlie too asked.

The ducklings quickly stepped out of the pool.

They flapped their wings to dry themselves.

Next they picked up the baskets and walked away.

Willy looked at his friends triumphantly.

“Luckily I saw the baskets from the tree top” he explained.

“You are a star” Charlie and Chubby applauded him.

Willy smiled broadly.

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