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It was a full moon poya day.

Tara and her family visited the temple.

They entered the shrine room.

Tara was about to offer flowers at the altar.

However mother stopped her.

‘There are some withered flowers here” mother said.

“Let’s first remove them” she added.

Tara, Tarun and her parents started removing the old flowers.

After that they cleaned the altar with wet tissues.

The other devotees saw them removing old flowers.

They too followed the family.

The altar looked clean afterwards.

An elderly lady walked up to Tara’s mother.

“What you did was very good” she told mother.

“We should first clean the altar before offering flowers” she emphasised.

Tara’s mother smiled.

Afterwards everyone placed new flowers on the altar.

They arranged it beautifully.

The altar looked so beautiful.

Tara and family sat in a corner and started chanting.

Everyone felt very peaceful.

It was a happy evening for Tara.



Why did mother stop Tara from offering flowers first?

What did the elderly lady tell about offering flowers?

What did the family do after offering flowers?

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