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Willy was on a nearby tree.

He sat on a branch to watch his friends.

He was amused by the threats made by ducklings.

From the tree top he could see everything.

Behind a shrubbery there were some baskets.

He figured out that they belonged to the ducklings.

The baskets were full of berries.

“The ducklings must be on an errand” he assumed.

The ducklings continued to shout.

They threatened to inform Papas of Charlie and Chubby.

“Ok you go ahead and complain” Willy said bravely.

“We will tell your Mama” he added.

The ducklings looked up.

They looked a little subdued afterwards.

They did not move, but stood still.

Charlie and Chubby were a little confused.

However they were glad.

After sometime one duckling spoke

“No need to tell Mama” he said.

“Why?” asked Willy.

“Doesn’t she know about your bath?” he asked again.

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