Being fair

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The school had won the cricket tournament.

Everyone in Tarun’s class was talking about it.

Aditya started talking about the rival team.

“Their bowler Matheesh was really good” he said.

“Wished we had a bowler like that” he added.

Savan was a little miffed.

“What’s wrong with our bowlers?” Savan asked.

“Matheesh took four wickets” Aditya reminded.

“Our bowlers gave too many wides” he said.

“Don’t you see any good in our team?” Savan queried.

“Of course I do” Aditya maintained.

“However I am not blind to our weaknesses” he added.

“We almost lost the game because of those” Aditya continued.

“We only won by two runs” he reminded Savan.

“But still we won” Savan interjected.

Tarun was amused by the conversation.

He put his arm around Savan.

“We should appreciate the good in any team” he told Savan.

 “They could not help being our rival” Tarun reminded.

“Don’t you think Matheesh was good?” he asked Savan.

“He was good” Savan said softly.

Aditya flashed a big smile.



What made Savan miffed?

What did Aditya say that he was not blind to?

Why did Aditya flash a big smile?

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