Splash in the pool

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Charlie and Chubby were ecstatic.

They got their parents’ permission to bathe in the pool.

The natural pool is close to the playground.

Its water is shallow.

Willy did not want to bathe.

However he agreed to go with his two friends.

Charlie and Chubby raced towards the pool.

The two friends jumped into it without thinking twice.

When they raised their heads from the water they heard a big noise.

A chorus of quacking.

There was a big complaint by a group of ducklings.

As a result of the jump two ducklings had got thrown out.

They had landed on the ground.

The other ducklings too were thrown here and there in the pool.

They all were angry.

“We are going to complaint to your Papas” they threatened.

“Sorry we did not see you” Charlie apologised.

However the ducklings were adamant.

“Why didn’t you check before jump” one asked loudly.

“This is not your family pool” argued another.

“You two are bad boys” they all complained.

Charlie and Chubby started worrying.

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