Vega looked around helplessly.

Willy felt sorry for his friend.

“Vega never lies” Willy declared.

“I saw his parents crossing the road” he added.

How relieved Vega was.

He felt like giving Willy a big hug.

“It must be true then” Charlie too agreed.

“Let’s continue with the game” he told his friends.

Chubby was however still in doubt.

He turned towards Vega again.

“Didn’t Douglas look violent?” he asked Vega.

Vega shook his head.

“No. He was very calm” Vega replied.

Chubby was thoughtful throughout the game.

“What’s your problem?” asked Charlie.

“Shall we go to the dairy after this game?” Chubbysuggested sheepishly.

“Are you mad?” a stunned Charlie asked.

“Douglas would have spared Vega because his parents were there” Charlie explained.

“Besides Aunty Margaret had also been with them” he pointed out.

Then only Chubby realied it.

“No wonder Douglas had behaved well” he figured.

Chubby gave up the idea of visiting the dairy.

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