At the ground

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Vega could smell the rich slab of cheese in Mama’s basket.

He could not wait till he went home.

However something changed Vega’s mind.

They were taking the pathway near the playground.

Then they heard a loud noise.

Vega’s friends were playing cricket in the ground.

“Papa shall I play with them” asked Vega.

Papa smiled and nodded his head.

Vega galloped towards his friends with a big smile.

He was warmly welcomed by them.

“I went to the dairy with Mama and Papa” Vega informed them.

Next he broke the big news.

“Douglas said hello to me” Vega said with a smile.

Everyone was surprised.

“Can’t be” Chubby argued.

“You wouldn’t dare go near him” he added.

Vega got a bit angry.

”Douglas was tied to a tree” he started explaining.

“It was his Mama who took me to him” Vega went on.

Still his friends could not believe it.

Vega wished someone would support his claim.

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