Horror movie

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Tara became curious.

Anjula was busy explaining something to Amanda.

However Amanda was ignoring her.

Anjula then turned to Tara.

She started narrating a horror movie she had watched.

“Oh it was so scary” a wide-eyed Anjula said.

 “I could not sleep afterwards” Anjula went on.

 “Where did you watch the movie?” asked Tara.

“At home, it was on TV yesterday” Anjula has answered.

“What time?” Tara inquired.

“Started at 11pm” Anjula answered.

Tara was stunned.

“You were up at 11pm?” she asked her friend.

Anjula nodded her head.

Amanda turned towards Tara.

“Children are not supposed to watch late night movies” she argued.

“They are too disturbing for us” Amanda added.

“Yes that’s why you could not sleep” Tara explained to Anjula.

Anjula agreed.

“I know, I won’t watch again” she resolved.



What had Anjula watched the previous night?

What happened after she had watched it?

What did Amanda say about late night movies?

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