At the dairy

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Vega and his parents entered the dairy.

Cow Margaret warmly welcomed them.

She took an instant liking to Vega.

Margaret started stroking Vega’s head.

“Oh what a cute son you have got” she told Mama Pony.

Vega is used to such kind of compliments.

Still he liked Aunty Margaret.

He thought she was a sweet lady.

Mama pony bought cheese and milk.

Through the window Vega could see Douglas.

Standing behind Papa he kept staring at Douglas.

“Do you want to meet Douglas?” Cow Margaret asked.

Before Vega could answer Margaret took him to the garden.

Vega’s parents followed them.

Douglas looked up when he saw them coming.

Cow Margaret spoke to her son.

“Say hello to this cute little pony” she told him.

Douglas stared at Vega.

He thought Vega was so elegant.

Douglas had never seen such a beautiful pony before.

“Hello” he said softly.

Vega was stunned.

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