Careful, careless

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Tara ran to the garden.

 “Thaththa, there is a call for you” she informed her father.

Her father was watering the plants.

“Tarun, can you water the rest” father asked Tarun.

 Tarun took the garden hose from father.

Tara was watching her brother.

She knew that Tarun hated such work.

Tarun was watering the plants recklessly.

Tara was worried about the red rose plant.

It had two flowers.

“Aiya be gentle when you water that red rose plant” she cautioned..

“Just water the roots and avoid the flowers” she added.

It was too late.

Tarun had already squirted water on the roses.

Broken petals of one rose were already on ground.

Tara was so sad.

“You broke that rose” she accused her brother.

“It was an old flower” Tarun tried to reason out.

“It was not that old” Tara argued.

Tarun knew he could have been more careful.

He was feeling bad that he made his sister sad.



Why did father stop watering the plants?

How did Tarun water the plants?

Why was Tara sad?

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