Douglas NEW

Vega was hiding between his parents.

His heart was beating fast.

They were on the path leading to the village dairy.

It’s owned by Cow Margaret.

She has a son named Douglas.

The little ones in the village are scared of Douglas.

He had attacked a few villages two weeks back.

As a result Douglas is never allowed outside the dairy now.

Vega’s mother wanted to buy some cheese.

Papa pony too was getting ready to accompany her.

They asked Vega to join them.

Vega had never seen the dairy.

However he was too scared to go there.

“Douglas is tied to a tree with a big rope” Papa informed.

Vega joined the parents halfheartedly.

Finally they came to the diary compound.

Vega saw a calf tied to a tree behind the picket fence.

He was small, almost half the size of Vega.

“Mama, is that Douglas?” he asked softly.

Mama smiled and nodded her head.

Vega could not believe his eyes.

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