Carl the Fox


Carl the Fox was in deep thought.

Finally he decided to go to the grocery.

The fox family had run out of provisions.

His three cubs were virtually starving.

Carl could not work for two weeks.

So he did not have money to buy provisions.

He was down with the flu.

Even after recovery he was weak.

Carl entered Papa Rabbit’s grocery.

Papa visited Carl once when he was sick.

“Come, come Carl” Papa warmly welcomed his friend.

“I was planning to come that way” Papa told Carl.

Next he opened a cupboard and took out a big basket.

“This is for you” he said handing it over to Carl.

“Some provisions” Papa added.

 “So sorry I could not give this to you earlier” he apologised.

Carl was so touched by the gesture.

“I wanted to come that way this morning” Papa started explaining.

“My wife had to attend a meeting in school” he added.

“So there was nobody to keep at the grocery” Papa said.

Tears poured down Carl’s face when collected the basket.

“I will never forget your kindness” he told Papa Rabbit.

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