Show off

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Tarun and Nipun were so happy.

They rode their bicycles down the lane.

It was after some time that they could do so.

They were passing Akash’s house.

Akash is a friend of theirs.

Nipun rang the bell of the bicycle.

A little later Akash joined them.

Two little girls were walking down the lane.

They had just come out of the grocery.

Akash rode past Tarun and Nipun.

Next he swerved the bike towards the girls.

In the process he lost control of the bike.

Akash fell flat on the ground with the bike.

The two girls started laughing aloud.

Akash was very embarrassed.

Tarun and Nipun helped him to get up.

Akash had injured his elbow a little.

Nipun started berating Akash.

“Why did you try to show off like a kid?” he asked.

Akash smiled.

“My stupidity” he admitted.

“Good that you realised it” Nipun told his friend.



What did Nipun do when he and Tarun passed Akash’s house?

What embarrassed Akash ?

According to Akash what made him swerve bike towards the girls?

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