Meeting deadlines

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Amanda was slowly drawing.

Her drawings are always nice.

Tara was almost half-way through hers.

“Hurry up” Tara whispered to Amanda.

The teacher wanted them to draw a rainy day.

She would pick the best three drawings.

They would be displayed at the school exhibition.

The teacher did not let students draw at home.

She says some students get parents to help with drawings at home.

Tara finished her drawing and looked at the clock.

She had finished hers ten minutes before the deadline.

She looked at Amanda’s.

Amanda had a lot more to draw.

Tara was so worried.

After ten minutes the teacher tapped on her table with a ruler.

“Stop drawing” she told everyone.

She took Amanda’s drawing into her hand.

“A beautiful drawing, but incomplete” teacher commented.

“Meeting deadlines are important” she said.

Tara felt so sorry for Amanda.

Tara’s drawing was not selected for exhibition.

However she felt sadder because Amanda could not finish hers on time.



What did teacher ask the class to draw?

Why didn’t she allow student to draw at home?

What made Tara feel sadder?

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