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Tarun was returning home from the grocery.

He saw something funny.

About ten metres ahead two boys were walking.

They both were about eight years old.

The boys were swinging hands unusually.

Tarun got a little curious.

He walked fast and got closer to them.

Then he figured out the reason.

A few feet ahead of boys a neighbour was walking briskly.

He was taking his morning walk swinging his hands.

The two boys were mimicking him.

The little ones were laughing  aloud while mimicking him.

The neighbour heard the laughter and turned back.

He saw what the boys were doing.

Frightened, the boys stopped the mimicking.

The neighbour slowed down.

 “This is how you should walk when you do it for exercise” he told the boys.

“If you ask your sports masters they would tell you” he added.

The boys looked very embarrassed.

They crossed the road sheepishly.

Tarun could not help smiling.

He knew what the neighbour had said was true.



Why did Tarun become curious?

Why did the boys walk like that?

What did the boys do after being embarrassed?

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