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Natasha visited Tara.

They started playing with the skipping rope.

It was much fun.

The girls squealed with delight.

Tara’s pet Shadow was bouncing around the girls.

Once he ran right in front of Natasha.

Natasha lost balance and fell down.

However there were no injuries.

Shadow became confused.

He walked up to her.

Natasha pushed him to a side.

“You are a bad dog” she told Shadow.

Both Tara and Shadow felt very sad.

Shadow went back to its kennel.

He was hanging his head low.

Natasha felt sorry for Shadow.

She walked up to the kennel.

“Sorry Shadow” she apologised stroking his head.

“I know you did not do it purposely” she added.

Shadow licked Natasha’s hand.

Tara was so happy.


What happened when Shadow ran in front of Natasha?

What did Natasha do when shadow walked up to her?

What did Shadow do when Natasha extended an apology?

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