News about floods

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Father was watching news on TV.

Tara sat next to him.

Tarun was already there.

There were news clips of floods in Kerala, India.

Nearly 50 people had died as a result.

Tara was very sad.

“Last year too there were heavy floods in Kerala” Tarun reminded.

Father turned towards Tarun and Tara.

“There’s a change in weather patterns everywhere” he told them.

“There were flash floods even in Europe” he added.

“Why is that Thaththa?” Tara asked.

“Tarun do you know the answer?” father inquired.

“That’s the effect of climate change” Tarun said.

“What are the main causes of climate change?” father asked again.

“Air pollution and deforestation” Tarun said.

Tara remembered something.

In school she was taught about air pollution.

That was some months back.

Tara had forgotten it.

She went to her room to check her notes.

She started reading what she had learned.

Tara understood how bad air pollution is.



Where was the flood, according to the news on the TV?

What are the main causes of climate change?

What did Tara finally understand?

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