The ride

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The toy car stopped at the rabbit garden.

Everyone was excited.

Chubby and Willy got out of the car.

Charlie could not speak.

“This is really good” Papa Rabbit told the boys.

He checked the wheels and brakes.

“This is like a real car” Charlie spoke finally.

“It has music too” an excited Curly said.

As then she saw Sweety coming down the road.

Sweety was panting.

“Willy you are very bad” she grumbled.

“You did not take me in the car” she complained.

“You were taking ages to come” Willy replied.

“I was helping Mama” Sweety explained.

“I had to wash my hands” she added.

Willy looked at Charlie.

“Want to go on a ride?” he asked.

Charlie jumped into the car.

Chubby and Willy joined him.

“I will take you two in the next round” Chubby promised the girls.

“Play badminton till we return” Charlie suggested to them.

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