Garbage bins

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The interval bell rang.

Tara and Amanda had their snacks.

Anjula’ mother had packed her green gram.

So Anjula had that during the interval.

Afterwards she joined Tara and Amanda.

They were heading towards the garbage bins.

The girls dropped the leftovers in the bin.

There were bins for leftover food, paper and polythene.

Anjula dropped her lunch sheet into the paper bin.

“Anjula you put it into the wrong bin” Amanda pointed out.

“Yes please put it to the polythene bin” Tara too told her.

Anjula picked the lunch sheet.

After that she dropped it into the polythene bin.

“Why do they separate paper and polythene?” Anjula asked.

“Paper is made of plant material” Amanda explained.

“So it degenerates” she added.

“Lunch sheet are made of artificial material” Amanda went on explaining.

“They do not degenerate or take a long time to do so” she added.

“So it’s important that they are separated” she said.

Tara and Anjula were impressed by Amanda’s explanation.



What did Anjula have during the interval?

Why did she pick the lunch sheet from bin?

Why does paper degenerate?

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