Making cake

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Mother was making a fruit cake.

Tara and Tarun helped her.

They were cutting the fruits.

Mother watched them.

“Tarun make the pieces small” she told her son.

“Your pieces are too big” she informed.

Tarun looked at her sister’s.

She was cutting fruits neatly in small pieces.

Mother was getting ready to mix the batter.

“I will do the batter” Tarun offered help.

“Amma cut the rest of the fruit” he requested.

Mother was not sure.

“Can you mix the batter properly?” she asked doubtfully.

“Of course I can” he said confidently.

Tara was amused.

Tarun started mixing the batter like a seasoned baker.

As then father walked in.

“Oh good everyone is working” he said smiling.

“What can I do?” he asked.

“Boil some water if you don’t mind” mother said.

“I’ll make tea after I cut the fruit” she said.

“I will make tea too” father offered.



What did mother ask Tarun to do?

What did Tarun offer to do afterwards?

What did mother ask father to do?

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