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Tarun’s face fell when he saw the T shirt.

It was too small for him.

 “Aunt Amali never gets my size right” he grumbled.

Mother too felt sorry for Tarun.

Tara came with a box of pens.

Aunt Amali has sent those to her.

However she still writes with pencil at school.

She looked at her brother’s T shirt.

“Oh sweet Mickey Mouse” she said feeling the image.

“Then you take it” Tarun told his sister in lighter vein.

Tara looked at the T shirt.

An idea surfaced in her.

She took it from her brother and ran to her room.

A minute later she re-appeared.

She was wearing the T shirt.

It was up to her knee.

It looked more like a dress for Tara.

“Oh it suits you” mother said smiling.

“I can wear this at home” Tara too agreed.

“Then you keep it” Tarun suggested.

Next a smiling Tara gave the box of pens to Tarun.

“Thank you” Tarun said with a broad smile.



Why did Tarun grumble?

What did Tara do after going to her room?

What did Tara do when Tarun asked her to keep the T shirt?

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