Open window

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It was close to 6pm.

Tarun was at home.

He was at his table studying for the term test.

The room window was wide open.

Tara saw that.

‘Aiya close your window” she told her brother.

Tarun ignored her request.

Tara didn’t give up.

“Mosquitoes will come and bite all of us” she warned.

“We would get dengue” she added.

“I am studying for the test” Tarun insisted.

“You won’t be able to sit for the exam if you get dengue” Tara said loudly.

Afterwards she went looking for her mother.

Mother had told them to close the windows by 4.30 pm.

Tarun started thinking.

There had been several dengue cases in school.

There were a few in the neighbourhood as well.

He quickly got up and closed the windows.

A few seconds later mother entered the room.

She found that the window was closed.

While leaving the room she spoke.

“Make it a point to close the windows by 4.30 pm Tarun”



What did Tara see?

What time have they been asked by mother to close the windows?

Why did Tarun close the window?

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