Savani’s surprise

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A new girl joined the class.

Her name is Savani.

She hardly spoke to anyone in class.

Anjula spoke to Tara about Savani.

“Why can’t she speak?” she asked Tara.

“May be she is too shy” Tara explained.

“Some girls are quiet by nature” Amanda too told Anjula.

Anjala was not satisfied with the answers.

“I think she is proud” she concluded.

Tara and Amanda didn’t agree.

The bell rang for the interval .

Savani had her snack all alone.

Amanda saw her eating alone.

Amanda had brought some milk toffees that day.

She walked up to Savani and offered some.

Savani smiled and thanked her profusely.

“Why don’t you join us” Amanda invited her.

Savani joined Amanda, Tara and Anjula.

They shared their snacks.

Savani spoke with everyone.

“Now what do you say?” Amanda asked Anjula after Savani had left.

“I was wrong” Anjula admitted with a smile.



What did Anjula initially think about Savani?

What did Savani do when Amanda offered her milk toffees?

What did Anjula admit finally?

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