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Tara got up from the verandah chair.

Strong winds swept through the area.

The sky was getting darker.

“Rain again’ thought Tara.

She went into the house.

It had been raining for days.

 “Oh Amma this rain is never ending” she told her mother.

Mother smiled.

“This is the monsoon season” mother explained.

“But I don’t like rain” Tara insisted.

“Rain is useful to us in many ways” mother said.

“How?” asked Tara.

“Farmers would go without water” mother started explaining.

“When there’s no rain the tanks would run dry” she said.

Tara has seen the tanks affected by the drought.

She could even see the bottom of some of the tanks.

“Rivers would also run dry without rain” mother added.

“Most trees can’t survive without rain water” she went on explaining.

Tara thought for a while.

Rain is more useful than she thought.

She knew she could not dislike rain anymore.



Why did Tara go into the house?

What happens to tanks when there’s no rain?

What are thoughts that made Tara not dislike rain anymore?

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