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Tara took the basket.

She ran to Nipun’s house.

Nipun’s mother put more packets into the basket.

With the packets the basket became heavy.

Tara took them to the stall.

The packs had chickpeas and ground coconuts.

“Tired?” Nipun asked Tara.

Tara shook her head shyly.

She was really enjoying the work.

Nipun, Tarun and their friends were busy there.

They were giving away the chickpea packs to people.

It was Poson full moon day.

The children down the lane had organised a dansala.

Nipun’s mother was boiling chickpeas.

His father was packing them with coconut.

The coconut was ground by Tara’s mother.

Their father gave ten packets of chickpeas.

The adults in the lane appreciated the children’s work.

“You children are doing a very good thing” they said.

“Giving away food is a big meritorious deed” they explained.

“May you do well in studies” some showered them with blessings.

The children felt very happy.


Why did the basket become heavy?

Why were the boys busy?

According to the adults in the lane what is a big meritorious deed?

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