The pinch

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Tara was in her verandah with Natasha.

Natasha is her friend from neighbourhood.

“I don’t feel like going to school” Natasha told Tara.

“Why?” a surprised Tara asked.

Natasha started explaining her problem.

A girl in her class had the habit of pinching others.

Natasha is the one to be pinched mostly by her.

“It hurts so much” Natasha said sadly.

Tara was so sad.

“Why didn't you tell the teacher?” she asked Natasha.

“No one tells the teacher” Natasha replied.

“What do they do when she pinches them” Tara inquired.

“They either hit her or pinch her back " Natasha replied.

Tara was so surprised.

“I think you should tell the teacher” Tara advised her friend.

A little later Tara’s mother served the childre with tea.

Tara shared Natasha’s story with her mother.

Mother felt very sad.

“Oh Natasha you should tell your teacher” Mother too suggested.

Natasha started thinking.

“If you want I can ask your mother to inform the teacher” Tara’s mother added.

Natasha didn't want her mother to make the complaint.

However she wanted to put an end to her suffering.

“I will tell the teacher” Natasha told Tara and her mother suddenly.

“That’s very good” a smiling Tara said.

 “You are a brave girl, you can do that” Tara’s mother too encouraged her.



Why didn’t Natasha feel like going to school?

Why didn’t she complain to teacher about it?

What did Tara’s mother tell her in order to encourage her to make the complaint?


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