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Tarun was ecstatic.

He took a wicket from his first ball.

It was after some time that he was playing with the boys in the lane.

With the very first ball he took Radith’s wicket.

Radith was embarrassed.

Tarun’s teammates loudly celebrated the wicket.

Nipun was representing the other team that day.

“Nipun, how was my bowling?” Tarun asked Nipun with a grin.

“Super” Nipun too replied with a big smile.

Radith happened to pass them by.

“Fishing for compliments” he said looking at Tarun.

Tarun got hurt by the comment.

He surely was not fishing for compliments from Nipun.

Nipun is his friend.

Usually they play for the same side.

However that day they were playing for opposite sides.

It was only for fun that he asked that question from Nipun.

Akash, another friend of Tarun, walked up to him.

“Forget it” he told Tarun referring to Radith’s comment.

“Radith is upset as he got out for the very first ball” Akash explained.

Tarun felt better.

He realized that what Akash said was true.



What did Tarun’s teammates celebrate loudly?

What was the comment that Radith made?

According to Akash what made Radith make that comment?

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