At the shop

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Tara was all excited.

Her father took her to a clothes shop.

The family had to attend a wedding.

All party dresses of Tara were too small for her.

So she had to buy a new party dress.

The shop had so many nice outfits.

Tara started fitting on a few.

Then she saw something.

There was another girl in the shop.

She had come with her mother.

That girl was pulling out several dresses from shelves.

Some dresses fell on to the floor.

 “I don’t like these colours, Mama” she told her mother loudly.

Tara thought at least the mother would organise the dresses.

However her mother too did not care.

The shelves looked a real mess.

Tara was very surprised.

She had always been very careful with shop items.

Tara looked for her father.

“Thaththa that girl pulled the dresses down” she informed her father.

“Even her mother did not put them in order” Tara added.

Father too had a look at the shelf.

“Some people are very selfish” he said.

Later Tara saw a sales person arranging the dresses.

Tara felt sorry for the sales person.

There were a lot of dresses to be folded and kept on the shelves.

“If only that girl was more thoughtful” thought Tara.



What made Tara buy a new party dress?

What did the other girl do with the dresses when Tara saw her?

What did Tara finally wish for?

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