The new boy

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A new family moved into the neighbourhood.

Many knew that there were two boys in the family.

One day Tarun happened to pass the house.

There was a boy standing near the gate.

He smiled with the boy.

The boy too returned a smile.

A few days later he saw the boy again on the road.

However he did not smile when Tarun smiled this time.

“He seems to be unpredictable” Tarun thought.

He shared his opinion with his mother.

“Perhaps the boy was deep in thought” mother explained.

“Yes he would have been in another world” said Tara.

Tarun did not agree.

“We made face contact” he pointed out.

A few days later Tarun had a surprise.

He saw two boys walking on the road.

They resembled the new boy in the neighbourhood.

One smiled with Tarun.

The other did not.

Tarun figured it out.


Tarun smiled back and ran home.

He informed his mother and sister what he has seen.

The three of them had a good laugh.

“Twins…oh that’s sweet” mother said.

 “Wonder how many more are going to get confused” Tarun said.

“That would be fun” a laughing Tara told her brother.



What did Tarun see when he passed the house of the new neighbour?

What did Tarun think when the boy did not smile back?

What was the reason for Tarun’s confusion?






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