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Tara was horrified.

So was her mother.

Tara’s brother Tarun was not at home.

He had gone to the grocery.

Tarun’s friend Nipun came looking for him.

Since Tarun was not present Nipun decided to wait for his friend.

He had some news for Tarun.

Nipun shared it with Tarun’s mother and sister.

What made the news had happened about half an hour ago.

Nipun had been cycling.

He had seen something flying out of a neighbour’s house.

Seconds later something else also came over the parapet wall.

Both objects had landed on the grass.

Nipun had got closer to check what they were.

They were two kittens.

The kittens had started crying.

While he was attending to the kittens he had heard a voice.

An elderly woman had been standing at the gate.

“They had crept into our garden” she had said.

“They are not ours” she had added.

Nipun had not said anything.

He had picked up the kittens and taken them to his house.

He wants Tarun to help him to find the mother cat.

Tara and mother thought that was very kind of Nipun.

They could not believe how some people could be so cruel to animals.



Where had Tarun gone when Nipun came looking for him?

What did Nipun find on the grass?

Why did he need Tarun’s help?

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