Portable fan

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It was a very warm day.

Tara was sweating profusely.

She looked for her portable mini fan.

It was a gift she had received from her aunt.

That fan took the shape of a fish.

She could not find it.

Tara went looking for her brother.

Tarun used to borrow the fan from Tara.

Tara found Tarun seated in the verandah.

Tara’s portable fan was running in full speed next to him.

“You have taken my fan” Tara said loudly.

Tarun made a face.

“How can I stay here without a fan?” Tarun asked clumsily.

“This hot weather is baking me alive” he said.

Tara too agreed with what was said.

“Why is it so hot Aiya?” she asked her elder brother.

“There are so many reasons” Tarun said seriously.

“Felling trees for development projects” he pointed out.

Tara felt sad.

“Can’t anything be done about it?” she asked him.

“There should be a national-level tree planting campaign” Tarun said.

“Also a programme to reforest the de-forested areas” he added.

“Otherwise the heat is going to worsen” Tarun pointed out.

Tara sincerely wished that someone commenced such programmes.



Why was Tara looking for her mini fan?

Where did she finally find it?

According to Tarun what was the main reason for the warm weather?

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