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Natasha had to make a rag doll.

She could not find any scraps of cloth at home.

So she visited Tara.

“Do you think your mother has any?” Natasha asked Tara.

“Of course she has” Tara replied.

“My mother collects all the scraps” Tara informed.

Tara’s mother overheard the conversation.

She took her scrap box out of the cupboard.

“You can take whatever you want” she told Natasha.

Natasha could not believe her eyes.

The box was full of beautiful scraps of cloth.

There were beads as well.

“Oh aunty this is a beautiful collection” complemented Natasha.

“I knew we could make use of them” mother explained.

“Tara has already made several rag dolls” she added.

Natasha started selecting scraps.

She wished her mother too had a similar collection.

At her home such scraps of cloth go to the dustbin.

“Take that black piece for the doll’s hair” Tara’s mother told Natasha.

Natasha felt so grateful to Tara’s mother.

She knew what to do in the future.

She wanted to have her own collection of scraps of cloth at home.


Why did Natasha visit Tara?

Where did Tara’s mother keep her box of scraps?

What did Natasha want to do in the future?

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