Tarun’s boredom

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School holidays had begun.

Tarun was feeling awfully bored.

He tried to read a book.

Soon he lost interest in the book.

Next he started cleaning his bicycle.

Half way through he stopped it.

Tarun went looking for mother.

“Amma I am bored” he complained.

Mother smiled.

“You have to get used to holidays” mother replied.

Tarun made a face.

“I have no interest in anything” he affirmed.

“It’s fine. Just go and sit in the verandah” mother suggested.

Tarun dragged his feet to the veranda and sat on a chair.

Shadow came running to him.

Tarun stroked its head.

“You are never bored” he told his pet.

Shadow settled at the bottom of Tarun’s feet.

Tarun looked at the garden.

He could see Seven Sisters birds hoping here and there.

Tarun found their movements interesting.

He could see a myna on the mango tree at his neighbour’s.

A few minutes passed.

A big butterfly came to the garden flapping its wings.

Tarun felt much better.

He knew it was ok to feel bored.

Besides he could always come and sit in the verandah.

There is so much to see from there.



What happened when Tarun started reading a book?

What did mother suggest when Tarun said he was bored?

What did Tarun find interesting in the Seven Sisters?


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