Drumming during the exam

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Tarun was nervous.

The science term test paper looked a bit tough.

He started answering the questions.

Then something disturbed him.

It was like someone tapping on a desk.

Tarun turned to his left.

Two rows away Aditya was busy tapping on the desk.

He was doing that while answering questions.

Few others too got disturbed by the noise.

They were hoping that Aditya would stop tapping.

However he did not stop.

Their class teacher went around the class.

Then she saw what Aditya was doing.

“Aditya this is not a music class” she said somewhat loud.

Aditya stopped tapping all of a sudden.

He felt very shy.

“It’s just out of habit miss” he said shyly.

“You have to get over bad habits” the teacher said firmly.

“You were disturbing the others” she pointed out.

“They can’t concentrate when you drum on the desk” she added.

“Sorry” Aditya said softly.

Afterward everyone answered questions peacefully.


Why was Tarun nervous?

What was the excuse Aditya gave for tapping on the desk?

What did the teacher say about bad habits?

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