Road Damage

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Tarun and Nipun started cycling.

It was after a month that they cycled.

The two friends went in high speed down the lane.

All of a sudden the bikes jerked.

There were cracks on the road.

They got off the bikes.

“What has happened?” Tarun asked Nipun.

In between the cracks there was a water flow.

The water was coming from a nearby newly built house.

As then a neighbour of theirs happened to passed by.

“Hi, uncle Asela” the two friends greeted him.

“Hello hello, what are you inspecting” uncle Asela asked smiling.

“The road here is broken” Nipun pointed out.

Uncle Asela pointed at the newly built house.

“Those people have opened overflow water pipe to road” he explained.

“So day and night the water flows to road” he went on.

“And the road is being washed away” he added.

Tarun and Nipun were shocked.

“How selfish some people can be” Tarun noted.

“Unbelievable” Nipun too agreed.



What made the bikes jerk?

Who were responsible for the water flow on the road?

What had happened to the road because of the water flow?

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