Poor helpers

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The school van got stuck again.

There was heavy traffic that afternoon.

Tara was feeling tired and hungry.

She looked through the shutter.

A group of youth caught her attention.

They were having lunch at the ground.

They all looked skinny and shabby.

Tara felt so sorry for the youth.

She showed the boys to Sara who was seated next to her.

Sara is a senior girl at Tara’s school.

“Construction workers” Sara explained.

There was a new foundation of a building nearby.

However there was no shelter for the boys.

“They must be from faraway villagers” Sara observed.

“They come as helpers to the masons” she added.

“They don’t have a place to eat” Tara pointed out.

Sara agreed.

“Some construction companies don’t care for workers” Sara said.

“They only have profit in mind” Sara explained.

Tara thought it’s so unfair.

She wished the boys were treated with dignity.



Who did Tara see when she looked through the shutter?

According to Sara from where had they come?

What did Sara say about construction companies?

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