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Tarun sat next to Mayuka.

The two cousins had much to talk about.

It was after some time that they were meeting.

Mayuka’s mother served them with tea.

Mayuka was talking non-stop.

Tarun hardly got an opportunity to talk.

Mayuka’s mother who is Traun’s aunt noticed that.

“Mayuka let Tarun also speak” he told her son.

Mayuka stopped talking.

He looked at Tarun.

“Yes, how about your scouting work?” he asked Tarun.

Tarun spoke little.

Mayuka started talking again.

Tarun was not worried.

He knew Mayuka’s ways.

The experience had taught him a lesson.

He realised that he too spoke non-stop at times.

The episode taught him how troublesome that can be to others.

Tarun understood that talking non-stop is a selfish habit.

He was glad that he was reduced to a listener.

He realised that it’s good to be a good listener.



What did Mayuka’s mother ask Mayuka to do?

Why was not Tarun worried about Mayuka’s non-stop talking?

According to Tarun what kind of a habit is non-stop talking?

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