Queue jumpers

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Tarun was in the canteen.

Three classmates of his too were there.

They were Nikhil, Aditya and Savan.

There were three queues at the canteen.

Tarun and his friends stood at the shortest queue.

There were six boys ahead of them.

Afterwards three boys walked into the canteen.

They stood behind Tarun and his friends.

Suddenly the second boy in the queue waved at them.

The three boys went up to him and stood behind them.

Tarun and friends thought that was unfair.

The fourth boy in the queue spoke to the second boy.

“This is unfair. Please ask you friends to go behind” he said.

The newly arrived boys frowned at him.

They were about to pick a fight with the fourth boy.

As then Tarun’s classmate Aditya spoke.

“We too think it’s unfair” he said.

“Yes we too have been pushed further behind” Savan joined Aditya.

The third boy in the queue too supported their argument.

The second boy and his friends were embarrassed.

His friends went back to the end of the queue.

“We should not keep quiet in the face of this type of injustices” Aditya said.

“We were not the only ones to be affected” he added.

Tarun agreed.



What did the second boy do when he saw the three boys?

Who tried to pick a fight with the fourth boy?

What did Savan say?

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