Torn pages

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Tara heard her father calling her.


She ran to the verandah.

Father was there.

He was browsing through Tara’s books.

He had Tara’s poetry book in hand.

“Why are these pages coming off?” asked father.

Some back pages of the book had come off.

Tara knew the reason.

She had torn a few pages from the front.

Tara was supposed to do a drawing for each poem.

Some drawings did not come out well.

So she tore off those pages.

Tara held her father’s chair tight.

She softly explained to him what had happened.

Father spoke a little firmly.

“I hope you are not going to do that again” he said.

 “I won’t” Tara promised.

“You can always erase a drawing” father pointed out.

“First draw it softly” he advised.

“Then you can erase if it does not come out well” he advised.

“Tearing off pages is a bad habit” father reminded.

“See what happened to the pages in the back now” he emphasised.

Tara agreed.

There was some silence.

After that father asked Tara to bring the bottle of glue.

Tara ran to her room to fetch the glue.

She knew that father would fix the loose pages.

Tara had resolved never to tear off pages.



What did Tara’s father have in hand?

Why had some pages from the back come off?

What was father’s advice regarding the drawings?

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