Savan’s homestay

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Savans-homestay NEW

Savan is a classmate of Tarun’s.

He is a solid friend.

Savan’s home was being repaired.

His house was full of dust as a result.

Savan developed a cough as a result.

He was coughing non-stop in the class.

Tarun felt so sorry for Savan.

He spoke to mother about Savan’s plight.

“Can we keep Savan here for a few days?” asked Tarun.

“They are to finish repairs during the weekend” he added.

Mother had met Savan a few times.

She knew he was a decent boy.

“Ok ask him to talk to his parents” she told Tarun.

Tarun was ecstatic.

He phoned Savan right away.

After about ten minutes Savan’s mother phoned.

She wanted to talk to Tarun’s mother.

Savan’s mother thanked her profusely.

“I was so worried about Savan all these days” she added.

The next day Savan came to school with two bags.

His school bag and a bigger bag of clothes.

After school Savan went to Tarun’s home with Tarun.

Everyone made Savan feel quite at home.

Even Tarun’s pet shadow started playing with Savan.

His cough too disappeared during the stay.

Savan was so grateful that he had a caring friend like Tarun.



What was the cause of Savan’s cough?

Why did Savan’s mother speak to Tarun’s mother?

What was Savan grateful for?

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