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Tarun was in a bad mood.

He returned home a little late from school.

A major traffic snarl was the reason.

Tarun was very hungry by the time he came home.

“What happened, Tarun?” mother inquired.

“Traffic jam” Tarun responded.

“Garage vehicles are creating chaos Amma” he explained.

“Our school van got stuck for 15 minutes due as a result” he added.

Tarun had a quick shower and sat down for lunch.

“I wonder how these garages got their licences” Tarun said.

“Why can’t the authorities check the space before issuing licences?” Tarun asked.

“These garages have only small spaces” he went on.

“So they keep the vehicles on the road” he observed.

Mother listened quietly.

Several new garages have come up on the main road near their lane.

They all keep the cars on the road.

“I don’t know how many of them have proper licences” mother wondered.

“Police should remove all their vehicles on the road” Tarun insisted.

“Both motorists and pedestrians are affected by them” he explained.

Mother too agreed.

“Police or the municipal staff should remove them” she said.



Why did Tarun’s school van get stuck for fifteen minutes?

What did Tarun want the authorities to check?

According to mother who should remove the garage vehicles on the road?

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