Savan’s brother

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It was a Saturday.

Father dropped Tarun at Savan’s house.

Savan’s family had planned a pirith ceremony.

There was much work to be done before that.

Savan’s classmates offered help.

So Tarun, Nikhil, Aditya and a few others visited his house.

By then two cousins of Savan were painting their parapet wall.

Tarun and Aditya joined them

Nikhil and the others joined Savan in painting their big living room.

Savan’s father had gone to town to buy some goods.

Aunty Indika, Savan’s mother offered snacks for everyone.

“Aunty where is Shaluk Aiya?” Tarun asked her.

Shaluk is Savan’s elder brother.

Savan’s mother’s mood changed.

“No point talking about him putha” she said soberly.

“After uncle left for town Shaluk vanished” Savan’s mother said.

 “He would not help in the house work” she added looking dejected.

Tarun was surprised to hear that.

He felt sorry for aunty.

“Don’t worry aunty we can finish this work soon” Tarun said smiling.

“Thank you putha” Aunty Indika replied gratefully.

Tarun continued to paint the wall.

During lunch he saw Shaluk entering the house sheepishly.

Afterwards he ran upstairs.

He did not bother to ask about work.

Tarun thought how an elder brother could be so irresponsible.



What had Savan’s family planned?

What did Nikhil and the other classmates do in the house?

What did Tarun finally think of Shaluk?


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