Baby in pram

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The lane become dusty.

That was due to house construction.

Several houses were being built in the area.

Lorries went up and down carrying building materials.

Every time a lorry went a cloud of dust rose.

Tara badly wanted to take a walk.

One late afternoon no vehicles were seen on the road.

So Tara and her mother decided to go for a walk.

They started walking slowly.

After sometime they saw a neighbour of theirs on the road.

Mrs. Samarasinghe was pushing a pram.

Her granddaughter was in the pram.

They were coming from the opposite direction.

Tara and her mother got excited when they saw the pram.

They hurried to meet Mrs Samarasinghe and the baby.

Just then a big truck went past them at full speed.

A cloud of dust covered the road.

Tara and her mother heard the baby coughing.

They felt so sad.

They hurried towards them.

 “Mrs. Samarasinghe you better take the baby home” mother advised the neighbour.

“We are also returning” she added.

Mrs Samarasinghe turned back the pram.

“Why didn’t the driver slow down the truck Amma?” Tara asked.

“Surely he would have seen the baby in the pram” she said.

“Some people don’t care about others Tara” mother explained.

Tara continued to think about the poor baby.



What made the road dusty?

Why did Tara and her mother decide to go for a walk that afternoon?

What did mother say when Tara asked why the driver did not slow down the truck?

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