The Lucky dog

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Tara was so excited.

The train was running past towns and villages.

Tara and the family were on their way to Kandy.  

There were so many things to see.

After a while the train stopped at a station.

More people were boarding the train.

Then Tara saw something.

There was an old beggar couple a little away from the station.

Seated in between them was a big dog.

It was of light brown in colour.

The couple looked thin and pale.

However the dog looked happy and well-fed.

Tara showed the dog to her father.

The father smiled when he saw the dog.

“It look like  the beggar couple has fed the dog well” he said.

Tara agreed fully with the father.

She was touched by the kindness of the beggar couple.

They looked malnourished.

Perhaps they are not having proper meals.

However they had taken the trouble to feed the dog.

The dog is fortunate to live with the couple, Tara thought.

How great, she thought, that some people are so large-hearted.



Where were the old beggar couple and the dog?

What did father tell Tara about the dog?

What did Tara think as great?

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