Yellow bird

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The school holidays were back.

Tarun started reading a book on space.

After a while he felt a bit lazy.

He placed the book on the table and went to the verandah.

Then he noticed something.

A yellow bird was there on the bird feed.

Tarun tried to recall the scientific name of the bird.

It was taught during their scouting lessons.

He had forgotten it.

Tarun returned to his room and looked for the scout book.

The book had the name.

It’s called Black hooded oriole.

“Oh yes” Tarun remembered it then.

Then he remembered something else too.

The chart the scout master wanted him to prepare.

It was on the ropes knots used in camping.

Tarun had almost forgotten it.

He started working on the chart.

Tarun was glad that he spotted the yellow bird.

If he had not seen it he would have forgotten about the chart.



What was the topic of the book that Tarun was reading about?

What’s the scientific name of the Sri Lankan yellow bird?

Why was Tarun glad that he spotted the yellow bird?


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