Lesson from ants

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Tara took her scrapbook to the verandah.

She sat on the floor.

Tara started pasting the pictures on the book.

Then she saw something.

A few feet away there was a big gathering of ants.

Tara bent a little to have a closer look at them.

The ants were trying to carry a breadcrumb.

Someone had dropped a breadcrumb on the ground.

“Perhaps it was Aiya who had dropped that” she guessed.

Tarun at time comes to veranda to have food.

The ants were busy organising the breadcrumb.

Tara returned to her work.

After a couple of minutes she looked for the ants again.

They were all a little away.

Together they were carrying the breadcrumb away.

Tara kept staring at them.

She thought about their unity.

“Not a single ant is making a fuss” she noted.

“Everyone is working together” Tara thought.

She wished that all human beings too acted in unity like the ants.



What was Tara doing in the verandah floor?

What were the ants doing when Tara looked them for the second time?

What did Tara wish for finally?

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