A book for Vega

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Vega was at the rabbit house.

His mother went on an errand with Rabbit Mama.

Charlie tried his best to make little pony feel quite at home.

He showed Vega his collection of toys. 

Vega looked at the toy cars with some interest.

However he found them too small to play with.

Curly wanted to talk to Vega.

However Vega was too shy to talk with her.

Curly remembered something.

She went to her room and brought a storybook.

It was about a horse family.

It had many drawings of horses on the cover and inside.

Curly quietly came closer to Vega and gave the book.

“It’s for you” she said.

Vega shyly took the book and looked at the cover.

Then he saw the pictures of horses.

His eyes widened.

Vega kept staring at the picture.

After some time he started turning the pages.

His eyes got wider and wider.

He kept on turning the pages and looked at the pictures.

Curly looked at her brother Charlie.

Charlie smiled.

He too was glad that his sister had given the book to Vega.

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