Giant Tank

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Tarun was at Nipun’s house.

Nipun’s house is a few houses away from Tarun’s.

Tarun likes to talk to Nipun’s father, uncle Amal

He is well-versed in history.

That day Uncle Amal spoke about ancient tanks.

He made a special mention of Yodha Ela or the Giant canal in Anuradhapura.

 “It was constructed to take water from Kala Weva to Tissa Weva” uncle said.

“However Tissa Weva is on a higher elevation than Kala Weva” he added.

Tarun was amased when he heard that.

He listened to the whole story attentively.

Nipun smiled as he had already heard the story from his father.

Later, Tarun and Nipun sat under the mango tree.

“I feel really proud of our ancient engineers” Tarun told Nipun.

“They deserve greater recognition for constructing tanks” he emphasised.

“How about those tall stupas“ Nipun added.

“They did that without any advanced machinery” he reminded.

Tarun agreed wholeheartedly.



On what topic did Uncle Amal speak that day?

Who did Tarun say he felt proud of?

What else did ancient engineers build without machinery, according to Nipun?

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